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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between three components of Women Scientists Scheme viz. WOS-A, WOS-B and WOS-C.
2. In which subject R&D support is available in WOS-A
3. What is the tenure of WOS-A project?
4. What is the minimum qualification for applying under WOS-A?
5. What is the age limit for WOS-A?
6. Are temporary/contractual assignments considered as break?
7. Is employed Women Scientists are eligible to apply in WOS-A programme?
8. What is the amount of fellowship under WOS-A and is there any provision for HRA in fellowship?
9. What is the upper limit of total project cost?
10. What are the official formalities during the time of submission of proposal under WOS-A scheme?
11. Is it possible to pursue Ph.D. along with WOS-A project?
12. Can host institution be same from where Ph.D. degree has been obtained?
13. Is Ph.D guide can be mentor of WOS-A project?
14. Is WOS-A project Scientist Mentor can be Ph.D guide, in case of non-Ph.D applicant?
15. When the call is open in WOS-A?
16. How to start online submission of proposal?
17. Which internet browser is support for WOS A web portal?
18. Which internet browser is more suitable for WOS A web portal?
19. I forget my User Id or Password or Password is locked?
20. Can I change my e-mail in between the processing?
21. Any special instructions while filling proposal?
22. How much time the link receive the mail for the creation of Password is valid?
23. If I have problem in submitting the application whom should I contact?
24. If I have any queries related to WOS-A Scheme whom should I contact?